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Albert Einstein's Vision: Remarkable Discoveries That Shaped Modern Science

Table of Contents

1. Twists in the Fabric of Space
2. Expanding to Space
3. Black Holes, Wormholes, and Other Demons
4. The Mystery of Time and Time Travel
5. Ripples in the Curvature of Space
6. Gravity's Cosmic Lenses
7. Einstein's Quantum Legacy
8. Superbombs
9. Other Einstein Insights
10. Dreams of a Unified Theory
11. Strings and Superstrings
12. Beyond Superstrings: M-Theory

From the Reviews:

"The book is fluently written and well set out, and this, coupled with the author's manifest enthusiasm for the subject, makes it a pleasure to read." The Observatory magazine Feb 2005

"In this work, Parker has crafted a volume that places these thoughts (ideas about Einstein) at a level for general readers." AAAS Dec 2004

"Parker has a rare gift for making Einstein's ideas accessible to all readers." R.G. Fuller, Prof. Univ of Nebraska

This year (2005) is the centennial of Einstein's miracle year 1905. The author gives talks to local groups and groups in nearby towns on Einstein and his contributions to science.