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Alien Life

1. Introduction
2. The Architechure of Life
3. The Development of Life on Earth
4. Alien Life
5. Mars as an Abode for Life
6. Meteorite from Mars
7. Mars: The Future
8. Other Life in the Solar System
9. Life on Planets Beyond the Soalr System
10.SETI: Search for Extraterresrial Life
11.Are We Alone?
12.The Future: Starflight
13.Have We Been Visited? UFO's and Ancient Astronauts

Parker has done an outstanding job of pulling together the current scientific understanding of life on Earth and the possibilities of life elsewhere.
Chris McKay Research Scientist NASA

I read the book with great pleasure... delightful to note how skillfully Parker analyzes and debunks many of the myths about the universe. Should be required reading for all who want to separate cosmic truth from fiction
Lloyd Motz Prof.of Astronomy, Columbia Univ.