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My latest Books

Learn from Yesterday, Live for Today, Hope for Tomorrow

I'm quite excited about my latest book, but of course that's always the case. But I think this book will be very helpful to a lot of people. It helped me in writing it. The quote is due to Einstein, and I think it's quite appropriate with the fast-paced life of today.
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New book on Einstein

I've written several books on Einstein in the past few years. My most recent, however, is quite different. It is written in the form of a novel. Although the words that Einstein and others speak may not be accurate, they are likely relatively close to what was actually said, and the novel follows his life quite accurately. I've tried to keep the science to a minimum in an effort to make it as readable as possible. It should appeal to young people, but can also be enjoyed by those of any age. Read More 
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My Two Latest Books

I've had two books published lately (actually, the publication date of one of them is still a couple of months off). The first is a music book that explains the science behind music. It's a great book for all music buffs, even if you have little interest in science. It explains most of the major questions about the physics of music such as how sound is produced and what makes certain sound beautiful. But there is much more than this in the book. It describes how scales are set up and how the basic chords are arrived at. And it discusses such things as pentatonic and blues scales.
Much of modern music is produced on electronic instruments and there is a detailed discussion of electronic music. In addition there is a chapter on acoustics.
My second book is for writers,and it's directed at a particularly important aspect of writing: making sure that your book will appeal the bookbuyers. It gives the basic rules of good writing and it also gives rules for writing smart which is equally important in the present market. It's a book that all writers should read. Read More 
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My Book: You Should Write a Book: Writing it With Style and Clarity, Publishing Beautiful Pages, Selling Thousands of Copies

According to a number of surveys almost eighty percent of people would like to write a book (and get it published). And of course, it's well known that only a small fraction of these people actually follow through. Why? There are a variety of reasons. They may, for example, be unsure how to get started, or how to go about publishing their work once it's finished. My book You Should Write a Book addresses these problems. The first half of the book shows you how to write a book that people will love to read; in particular, it shows you how to make it readable, personal, memorable and interesting. Many people think it's just a matter of getting something down on the page, but there's more to it than that. You have to be sure that somebody will want to read what you have written. If it's full of grammatical mistakes, boring sentences, and so on, it might not attract many people. I outline many of the "tricks" and techniques that help make it readable and interesting
I also discuss the problems associated with publication. It's no secret that large publishers are reluctant to take on the first book of inexperienced authors. And it's hard to blame them; publishers lose money on many of the books they publish, and "first books" are usually not among their big money-makers. Because of this,a good alternative is to self-publish your first book or two, and as it turns out this is not as difficult as you might think. There are two reasons for this. First of all, programs are now available that allow you to set up a book on your computer so that it looks like a book you would find in a bookstore. Secondly, you can now use the internet to sell it, and it can be quite effective. Amazon.com, for example, now sells more books than most large bookstore chains.
So it's up to you. It's a good time to become a published author and you'll never know how successful you can become unless you try. Read More 
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