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Chaos in the Cosmos: the Stunning Complexity of the Universe

1. Introduction
2. The clockwork Universe
3. First Inklings of Chaos
4. Building the Groundwork for Understanding Chaos
5. Strange attractors
6. The Transition to Chaos
7. Fractals
8. Chaos in the Solar
10.The Strange case of Hyperion
11.Is the solar System Stable?
12.Stars and galaxies
13.Chaos in General Relativity, Black Holes and
14.Quantum Chaos and the Early Universe

Parker writes about science the way it ought to be written: as a living, dynamic, vibrant enterprise, as opposed to a mere compilation of facts.
Terry Matilsky, Prof. of Physics, Rutgers University

Extremely interesting and thought-provoking...
David Hobill, Dept of Physics, Univ of Calgary

A very enjoyable introduction to the science of chaos and its application to astronomy.
Robert Buchler, Prof. of Physics, University of Florida

A wonderful readable account of the development of ideas about chaos from classical to modern times.
Vincent Moncrief, Prof. Physics, Yale University