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Colliding Galaxies: The Universe in Turmoil

1. Introduction
2. Galaxies
3. The Discovery of Radio Sources
4. Exploding and Peculiar Galaxies
5. Cosmic Jets and Galactic Dynamos
6. Quasars
7. Is Our Galaxy Exploding?
8. A Detailed Look at a Nearby Galaxy: Centaurus A
9. Colliding Galaxies: The Discovery
10.Merging Galaxies
11.Collisions and Computers
12.Clusters and Superclusters
13.To the Ends of the Universe

This book presents an unusually attractive blend of material, describing both the exciting science of colliding galaxies and the scientists who are doing it.
Paul Hodge, Chairman, Astronomy Dept, University of Washington

Parker captures the excitement of modern astrophysical research by combining a clear and readable discussion of the background of the problems with the personalities and opinions of active workers inthe field.
Richard Green, Astronomer, Kitt Peak Obs.