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Cosmic Time Travel: A Scientific Odyssey

1. Introduction
2. Einstein and the Elasticity of Space
3. Space the Bends and Twists
4. Taming the Curvature
5. The Nature of Time and Space-Time
6. The Discovery of Space-Time Tunnels
7. Rips in the Fabric of Space: Black Holes
8. Spinning Gateways
9. Searching for Time Tunnels
10.Journey into a Black Hole
11.Overcoming the Problems
12.Wormholes and Other Universes
13.Advanced Civilizations and Time Travel
14 Faster than Light

A fascinating account of the expansion of the frontiers of space-time physics. The book explores the most exotic aspects of current research in general relativity in a clear, readable style.
Paul Hodge, Chairman, Astronomy Dept.
University of Washington

This is a lively introduction to the labyrinths of our latest views of time, the eternal riddle.
Gregory Benford, Prof. Physics
University of California