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Creation: The Story of the Origin and Evolution of the Universe

1. Introduction
2. Discovery of the Expanding Universe
3. Cosmology of the Mind
4. Alpha, Beta, and Gamow
5. From Quarks to Black Holes
6. From Chaos to Creation
7. Inflation
8. Mystery of the Cosmic Mirror
9. The Cosmic Cookbook
10.Emergence of the Fireball
11.Before the Big Bang
12.The Big Breakup
13.The Lumpy Universe
14.Cosmic Strings
15.The "Heavy Element" Cookbook
16.The Emergence of Life

Dr. Parker's book offers interested readers a detailed look at the universe in all its mind-boggling aspects as well as personal glimpses of some of the people who have built our understanding.
Arno Penzias, Nobel Laureate

It is a fascinating and, at the same time, accurate story of the early universe and of the scientists who contributed to uor understanding of the story.
William Fowler, Nobel Laureate

A remarkably comprehensive and highly engaging biography of the cosmos, from its fiery birth to the present.
Ed Tryon, Prof. of Physics,
Hunter College and Graduate Center of the City University of New York