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Hello, Professor Parker. I have a big long-standing question for you. After getting into your book , Good Vibrations, I know I have found the beginning of an answer to my questions(s).
Briefly, about me: I am 68, retired mainly from a career in computer programming, but did many other things. Army medic, Army/National Guard Infantry Officer, many different jobs.
Most in my family , including my 3 sons and daughter, are good musicians, participated in band , and my oldest son, Taylor, according to some objective observers, "OWNS", aas opposed to just PLAYS, the guitar. Mostly self-taught on guitar, but was 1st chair trumpet in high school. As was my younger brother. Older sister was accomplished pianist, but decided against doing it professionally, because she said that , then, it would be work.
The Mother of my 4 children, one known as Marcia Kay Taylor, from 1987-1993, recorded 3 Christian albums, and 1 older traditional hymns album. Got national airplay even on a sub-par production due to her full and beautiful voice, and played nationwide on Family Radio of Stations. Switched to Country, marriage ended. Ha.
But...the very first demo she did, a 2 song cassette tape, was her first. In 1987. And before it was sent off to mass production to a Nashville record company, I was the final say in reviewing the tape, i.e., listening to it for flaws. I have never had much musical training, can strum a guitar with about 10 or 12 chords, and thus get many songs out of my very limited talent.


The production of her 1st tape involved the recording engineer, a concert pianist a the University of Illinois, and several other experienced musicians/technicians. Everyone but ME said the tape sounded great. But I kept telling everyone it sounded aS IF HER VOICE WAS PUSHED INTO THE BACKGROIUND, WHICH WAS NOT GOOD, SINCE HER VOICE WAS THE BEST INSTRUMENT. after MUCH ARGUIING, I SENT THE TPE TO A DISC JOCKEY FRIND AT WHBQ IN Memphis, Alex Ward, an electronics guru since the first reel to reel tape recorders in the 50s/60s. He tested the tape.
And, he called me a few days later to tell me this: "John, you are right. The music is 180 degrees out of phase." I still don't know what that means. Of course, sice I knew little about music, I was resented by the "musicians" for being an upstart, I suppose. But the bottom line: my naked ears detected a problem that all trained technicians/musicians did not hear. Furthermore, I now hve been told I have hyperacusis, which is common for people with PTSD, from military service. I am hyper-vigilant, and jump out of my chair at the least bit of unexpected noises.
Do you know what, mechanically, might be different about my hearing mechanics that gives me this ability? I will also say that I have that sensitivity in other areas of my life: intuition, detecting lies in people(including me), knowing the answers to questions quickly and deeply, ...etc. Any information you have I would like. Thanks.


John W. Quinn
P.O. Box 291
Clinton, IL 61727

Hi Prof,


Page 217 of Physic of War you mention dynamite in early torpedo but I think you meant gunpowder, am i right?




Hi Barry,
Just checking on the labelling of open pipe diagrams in "Good Vibrations". You say they are pressure nodes and antinodes eg page 73) but they appear to be displacement nodes and antinodes. As well Figure 51 has the AN and N in the wrong places. The diagrams on p 199 are correct for pressure nodes and antinodes but are the opposite of those on p73. Have I misread the text relating to the diagrams, or are the diagrams on p 73 really "displacement" positions and not "pressure" (which should be 180 deg out of phase).
Thanks Barry,
Dr Richard Walding, Brisbane


Mr. Parker, I found your book at the the UC Davis library and found it helpful. I had a question about your prediction of likely future weapons to decipher the electromagnetic waves in the human brain. Can you recommend further reading on this and also the related biophyics of the brain? Thank you, Cheryl Welsh, Davis, CA


Hello Mr. Barry Parker
There is something that we couldn't understand in your book, Quantum Legacy. In your notes at the end of the book you explained some of your sentences with a.g.y it probably leads us to other sources but we couldn't understand it. If you can make it clear for us we'd be happy and it'd be very helpful to understand your book better. Thanks in advance..

On pg 30 of the book, The Mystery of Gravity, it shows the pendulum. The planets furthest away have loner periods, but does their size change the time of rotation? For example, is the Earth had a period of 1 yr, then the earth were suddenly half its size, would the Earth still in its same orbit slow down, or speed up? It seems to me it would stay the same, like the pendulum. I don't know how to resolve this. Can you help me? Robert Nault


I believe that I may have found a method to send information back from the future to the present - in this case a single bit of information carried in the existence of a oscillating circuit.


The method involves a simple transistor / J-FET / OP-AMP oscillator tuned to a precise amplification just at the threshold where it would oscillate or not oscillate. I believe that somehow electromagnetic waves exhibit forward and backwards propagation - and because of this a future electromagnetic event can trigger the oscillator circuit into oscillation which is observed in the present at the point the circuit is powered.


Thus someone simply turns on the circuit and observes if it is oscillating or not - predicting that a future 'finger touch' will be conducted to trigger the oscillation. To prove this naturally a 'tuning procedure' would be required whereby the operator makes a written decision if the circuit is going to be stimulated or not, and then the circuit is turned on and the condition is checked against the decision. Then in regards to the decision to stimulate or not - the circuit is either stimulated or it is not.


The circuit is repeatedly tested over and over with it's gain being adjusted ever so slightly by by a precision resistor until proper tuning is determined. In addition a electromagnetic shield with a 'finger insert hole' with a precise strong battery circuit (12 volt car battery to eliminate stray AC circuits) would refine the test.


Once it is proven that the circuit is accurate enough then it is a matter of encoding information onto an array of bit oscillators - in order to obtain terse messages from the future. Eventually this could be reduced to a chip allowing for larger amounts of information to be sent.


Civilization would benefit greatly as it would eliminate speculation in gambling, lotteries, and the rigged stock markets. Only bonds would survive.


Text message me at 780-700-6201 or this email, regards


Chris McDermand

Hi Scott
I have visited Keck a few times since I wrote the book and it has sure changed. It was always a great place to visit but I don't think I'll be writing any more about it. thanks for writing me.


Hello Professor Parker, I'm just now starting your Keck book and so far it is enjoyable. Any plans for an update? I visited the summit last month and was quite inspired. -- Scott Davis, Yorktown, Indiana


Hi John:
I'm glad you liked my book. thanks for the comments. I'll look into making the appropriate changes Barry


Hi John
I'm glad you liked my book. Thanks for the comments. I'll look into making the appropriate changes. Barry


I Love your book "The Physics of War". It is gteat both as a refresher and as an accessible stimulus for newcomers who want to know more about physics. One sad drawing: pg. 83 the second line thru the cone describes an ellipse, not a parabola. On pg. 158 you correctly describe the conic section for a parabola. There is a nice illustration in Galileo Galilei in "Mathematics of Motion, Fourth Dy under theorem I, Proposition I of the parabola on a cone.
Spelling: pg 98 line 6 realize"d"; pg 99 line 7 were not where
pg 100 line 15 "fog" pg. 111 line 32 solve"d".
I especially love the background on historical figures I never heard of, like Tiglath-pileser III. Thank you. I will more of your books. John Kaiser

Hi Mr. Harmon:
I think the simpest way to explain this is look at how Newton attacked the problem. He tried several possible mathematical laws including the inverse square, and applied them to the motion of the moon -- in particular, it's orbital period. The only one that was in agreement with observations was the inverse square law ( which corresponds to an ellipse) sop he assumed it was the correct law and of course we now know it is. All the best.


Hi Mr.Mackin: Yes,you can use artwork from "Isaac Newtons School of Driving. All the best. Barry


Although the Beach Boys were rock and roll to some extent, I don't think they had as heavy a beat as most rock and roll bands.t


I'm sorry for taking so long to reply. I hope you get this. All the replies will be at the top.


Professor Parker,I picked up your book Science 101, Physics for a light refresher on an old subject. And am enjoying it thoroughly, and quite appalled at how much of the basics I have forgotten over the years. It is good to re-acquaint oneself.
May I, respectfully, query your explanation of the elliptical orbits of the planets due simply to Newton's law. I fail to understand how the inverse square law results in an ellipse, though am not for one moment challenging its veracity.For me it requires a deeper explanation.


Any further enlightenment you can provide will be gratefully received.


With best wishes, Kenneth Harmon


Good morning professor Parker,
excuse me for my engkish: I'm italian and I live in Italy, in Brescia, a city between Milan and Verona, North Italy.
Casually I found your excellent book The Creation: unfortunately for many many years this was the only book translated in italian written by you. Only now I've found in italian your : the Isaac Newton scool of driving. I have read it several times and it rapresents, for me, the book that introdeced me in the cosmology matter. Many many thanks to you, professor Parked, for your work.


Good Morning!


I am an Education Consultant in Connecticut and will be conducting a Professional Development workshop for Technology Education Teachers and would like to know if I could use the artwork of Newton in th car from your book: "Issac Newton School of Driving" for my flyer and handouts on the PD. The PD is free to teachers. If it helps, each participants will have the chance to recieve a copy of your book.


Thank you,


Harold Mackin


In your "Good Vibrations" book there is a very prevalent type-o/error stating "non-rockNroll bands like the Beach Boys..."
Someone misquoted you because why would anyone say the Beach Boys aren't rockNroll, what were they hip-hop? country? NO. They were rockNroll, pop/rock etc. So why would they be referred to as "non-rock" that makes no sense. If anyone can explain this I'd really appreciate it.


Thanks for your comments. Barry
sorry Karen, It tried to find the original reference on P.O, Lindblad but I couldn't locate it.


Hello Barry!
I've read your splendid book on colliding galaxies. On page 179 you mention how P.O. Lindblad made a detailed computer study of interacting galaxies. However I can't find the original paper anywhere. Couls you please point it out to me? That would be very kind! Thanks again for the inspiring book!


Greetings from Berlin,


You might find the following interesting:


Einstein's Dream


Dr. David A. Edwards
Department of Mathematics
University of Georgia
Athens, Georgia 30602


Hi Barry,


After reading your amazon review of Epstein and Mardon's 'Harvard Medical School Guide to A Good Night's Sleep' I think you'll find my book very interesting – certainly different.


'Sleep-powered Wellness: Better Bedrooms for Turbocharged Zzzz's' takes a look at sleep as the often ignored third pillar of health, arguing that we've allowed products and pharmaceuticals to usurp its position to our detriment. By letting our intellectual perception override the body's sense of safety and luxury we've created a paradox – safe luxurious bedrooms that the body struggles to sleep in! To sleep well we have to recognize that the body and the intellect see things very differently: The wireless security system that delivers an intellectual sense of safety compels the body to fear, the body lotion that intellectually delivers smooth skin compels the body to a smear of dangerous penetrating chemicals against which it must battle all night long.


In many bedrooms there are so many sleep-impediments that its resident insomniac could quickly become overwhelmed, so after a short review of sleep, the impediments and solutions are discussed in six groups: noise & infrasound; microwaves; light; electricity & distortions in the Earth's magnetic field; chemicals in contact with our skin; and unbalanced, depleted air ions.


The final chapter reveals a very straight-forward method for identifying, prioritizing and addressing the typical bedroom's sleep impediments: whether it's plugging the cell phone charger into the bedroom socket, sleeping on polyester bedding, being disturbed by shift-working neighbours, or making any of a myriad of mistakes that reduce sleep quality.


I hope this description leaves you thoroughly curious and interested in seeing my book with a view to reviewing it for amazon.


Angela Hobbs M.Ed.

I pleased you have read some of my books. Yes, indeed, the more you know about the universe and the amazing way it is put together, the more you tend to believe there has to be some "devine" intervention.


Thanks for pointing it out. I corrected it. Barry


I am a teen with a curious mind that unfortunately has been trapped in a box labelled Grade Ten Cirriculum. I have a passion for science and so many dreams it may take a eternity to even come close to achieve all. I have come upon a quote by you, "the exquisite order displayed by our scientific understanding of the physical world calls for the devine." I find this incredibly interesting for I am a firm believer in God myself nevertheless science continuously seems to overpower my mind. Religion does not restrict my ability to learn but will only give me faith to believe anything is possible in the world of science.
Hope you actually read these.. Thanks for some inspiration.


In your biography, there is a typo. Under "A Brief Survey of Some of My Recent Books", in the second paragraph, it says "As is well-known, he flunked the entrance exams at university, ranked fouth of of five in his class, and couldn't find a full-time *jon* for two years after he graduated."


Thanks for pointing it out. It is corrected, however, in the next line. I don't think the Bible really contadicts the Big bang theory. IT's just the interpretation of the "day" at first. It's obviously not the 24 hours we recognize.


Dear Barry Parker,


For your web pages, it seems to me that you have visited Yuma, Arizona. Yuma is very closed to Imperial Valley, California, where I live. Yuma and Imperial Valley have a hot summer. The temperature can reach 50C. Why do Yuma and Imperial Valley so hot in summer? Simply because they are desert?

Tony Tam

Dear Barry Parker,


I would like to let you know that on page 81 of Good Vibrations: The Physics of Music, there is a typo.


The line on the book is "1 3/2 9/8 27/8 81/64 243/128 2"


I think the number 27/8 should be 27/16.


I like your book a lot...


By the way, I am a Christian. On the Bible, the universe is created by God. But the modern physics like the Big Band theory seemed to contradict with Bible. Can you please help me on this?


Tony Tam

Actually, I think you must be Larry. Send me your address. Were you down at Yuma this winter? I must have missed you if you were. We got back a couple of weeks ago.Barry


Hi: Sure, I'd love to send books to Canada. But I'm not sure who you are. I have biked with several people. all the best Barry


Hello Barry. We love the diet in Feel Great Feel Alive and are wondering if you ship the books to Canada. Your Yuma biking partner!!


Sorry, I spent considerable time trying to find out where Einstein was, etc. when he made the above statement but I couldn't find anything. It was in his writings. All the best. Barry


Can you tell me the occassion when Einstein saids the words "Learn From Yesterday, Live For Today, Hope For Tomorrow..."


Was it in a speech he was giving or in a book that he wrote?


Your cooperation is appreciated.

i want to thank u about the great information on this site
and i just finished your book (Cosmic Time Travel) and i like it too much , its have great information about the relativity and the black hales , i believe on most of it .
thanks again


Thanks for your comment


I read CAOS IN THE COSMOS and I loved it. Imagine another book about caos and interdisciplinarity, a book with many authors writing haow caos may happen in their diferents disciplines.


Thanks for your letter. I replied via email. Barry Parker


Hi Professor Parker, I looked up your website because I am thoroughly enjoying your book, QUANTUM LEGACY. Not too far into the book, I noticed an interesting typographical error. You wrote on page 24 in the last paragraph before the section "SIZE OF THE ATOM", In 1911 Amedeo Avogadro showed that at a fixed temperature and pressure, equal volumes of different gases were proportional the same number of molecules. The year Avogadro wrote his hypothesis ,that under identical pressures and temperatures, equal volumes of gases are proportional by weight or mass , was 1811. Avogadro never calculated the number named after him. A physical chemist named Perrin did the first modern highly accurate determination. In 1909 in a paper Perrin wrote showing that Einstein's mathematical theory of Brownian motion in fact did correspond to reality, he suggested that the number now named after Avogadro actually be named in honor of Avogadro for his 1811 hypothesis. In 1926 Perrin received the Nobel Prize in physics for various experiments that more accurately defined Avogadro's number and of course for his work validating Einstein's mathematical work on Brownian motion along with putting the atomic/molecular theory of particles on a very strong foundation. The Germans were not very happy with bestowing this honor on Avogadro because they felt that Avogadro was only a theorist and it was Josef Loschmidt, an Austrian teacher of high school chemistry, who in 1865 did the hard part by determining an actual number of molecules for a cubic centimeter of a gas under STP. I guess in order to sooth ruffled feathers, if not national pride, we now have Na in Avogadro's honor and the constant L in honor of Loschmidt. I got out of high school hating science. Forty years later, science in general and physics in particular is my main avocation. Actually it is more than that, it gives some meaning to life. In college I was very lucky to have a really great Astronomy professor, Tom Matthews, who rekindled my interest in science. He was also modest. It was only years later that I realized the role he played in discovering quasars. My biggest problem with the way we teach high school science is we are still using a 19th century methodology that was already shown by the middle of the 20th century to be an abject failure to supposedly get teens to love science. I cannot think of a liberal arts course whose goal is to teach the student how to be a novelist, a politician, a historian, or whatever, yet we still are trying to make little scientists out of students in high school, with disastrous results. Books like yours do a positive good because they are entertaining as well as informative and they show that one does not need math to be culturally literate in something as arcane as quantum mechanics. It's a shame the educators do not realize that. Mark Twain had it right when he advised one not to confuse education with intelligence. Mike Alexander Email:

Dear Barry, Thank you for your compassion and advice. I also found this from Arthritis Reseach and Thearpy. I will have to do some more research on this also. Frankincense provides relief to arthritis sufferers. This is from a Bio Med press release July 28, 08. Thank you again for your time and knowledge. God love you, Ruthie


Dear Ruthie: In reply to your letter, it sounds like you have been through a lot and I wish I could do more to help. It is, indeed, likely that your pain is due to inflammation. The major ways to fight inflammation are through the foods that you eat, getting sufficient sleep, exercising, and of course by taking the appropriate drugs, particularly prednisone and NSAIDS. In relation to foods, it's important to get sufficient omega-3, and it comes mostly from fish. Also, make sure you get enough whole grains, vegetables, friut and nuts; they are all helpful. You'll have to talk to your doctor about NSAIDS and prednisone. I'm sorry I can't give you more detailed advice. All the best. Barry Parker


Dear Professor, I just read your article on The Extreme Dangers of Chronic Inflamation. I had TMJ surgery in 1984 and a silastic/silicone implant was left in for 5 months and was ground through upon removal. (It had Failed) I now suffer extreme pain and have chronic inflamation and my latest MRI in May shows silicone in my joint. I have no discs left, bone spurring on the side that was not operated on, severe metaplasia changes on my side that was along with much more. I do not like taking pain medication or any medication at all. Any great advice or things that I should watch for or do now? God love you, Ruthie


dear professor, I`m from Chile Im reading the spanish version of Einstein: The Passions of a Scientist. I want to congratulate you for your detailed work. Your book allow me to go deep in the Einstein Life, my favorite person ofthe modern world. Just one question, I'm prepearing a Power point about Einstein life for a friends comunity where we present different persons, do you know where can I download Videos where Eistein appear or photos??? Thank You Raimundo del Rio Santiago Chile


i loved the book "feel great feel alive". it was a christmas present and couldn't have come at a better time. this book is full of really good information and obviously very well researched. It has much more to it than the usual get fit book..including how to be happier..and Dr. Parker gives it to you in steps that are easy to follow. .......signed Janet Richardson city of Kawartha Lakes


Hi Tim: Thanks for sending your email. I'll email you within the next day or so. Barry


hey, its tim again, my e-mail is i would like to speak with you, i think i may have found something and i need the opinion of someone as smart as yourself


hello mr. parker i am 17 and im from las vegas i have been contemplating my own theories, and while i only have the foundation of what is needed to present it, i would very much like to speak with you my name is tim


I tried the address you gave me and it would not send it. Sorry. Can you give me another address. Barry Parker

hello. i am an iranian. 35 years old. male. i have the persian translation of your book: search for a supertheory. i guess it is a good book. i like study physics academically. i have halliday-resnick-krane book. i have alonso-finn book. iran. tehran. if i have question, do you answer me?


Greetings! Liked your book, Einstein's Brainchild, but I'm befuddled about a comment you made on page 166: "It's easy to show that a black hole with a mass of billions of solar masses would have a density hundreds of times less than that of water."


I think your book from 2005, "Death Rays, Jet Packs, Stunts, & Supercars" is one of the best books that you have made yet especially one about the James Bond Movies.


I think your book from 2005, "Death Rays, Jet Packs, Stunts, & Supercars" is one of the best books that you have made yet especially one about the James Bond Movies.


I love your books. Without math, they explain the tensor problems Einstein had as well as the rotating disk problem etc. I have over 40 books on theoretical physics but you do a better job expaining the theory. Thanks Stan Packer


started studying physics: that was me: nazan dede (a turkish student)


i did read your book about quantum when i was a high school student (last year) i'm studying physics at universty now :)


Professor Parker, My name is Tom and I just finished your book Einstein's Dream and I thought it was absolutely wonderful. Its unbelieveable how much information is in that book. I talk about it to my friends but for a lot of them its over their head. I plan on reading some of your other books. I was wondering if you could explain more to me about the Big Bang theory regarding dispersion of matter immediately after the explosion?


Hi: Yes, thanks. The word should be "increased" I'll get it changed in the next edition.


Dear Professor Parker, On page 89, third line from the bottom; "the frequency of the returning waves is decreased." For a blue-shift as you described later, the wavelength becomes shorter, so the frequency should be increased. The blue end has higher frequency compared to the red end. Would this be a printing error? Death Rays, Jet Packs, Stunts & Supercars


Dear Professor Parker, Again a question on your book - Death Rays, Jet Packs, Stunts & Supercars. On page 89, the last paragraph, "In the case of electromagnetic waves, if the object that emits or reflect them is approaching us the freqency of the returning waves is decreased. We say that it is shifted toward the shorter-wavelength end of the spectrum; we refer to it as a blue-shift." If the wavelength is shorter, the frequency should increase if it is a blue-shift according to the relationship: c = fv or (speed = frequency x wavelength) Could this be p


Dear Professor Parker, I thoroughly enjoy your new title, Death Rays, Jet Packs, Stunts & Supercars: the fantastic physics for film's most celebrated secret agent. This book comes off from the new additions to the university library and it reminds us many of the unforgettable scenes. There is a question however from the diagram on page 66 (Fig. 23. Maiman's ruber laser), should the coolant be filling in from below and out from above? (Similar to the water condensers we routinely used in chemical laboratories .)


Hello Mr. Parker, I'm am a 8th grade student from Somerville, Massachusetts and I read your book titled "Einstein's Brainchild, Relativity Made Relatively Easy". By the way, my name is Girish. It sounded very interesting and this is my first book about Einstein's theories. I have some questions regarding this book. For example: 1) On page 49, 'The Foundations Of Special Relativity', you mentioned that we see Star Vega as it was 26.5 years old, right? So if we could go 4.5 billion light year away from earth at the speed of light, we could see Earth as it was when it formed. We could, for example, also go only 10,000 light years and see humans managing their lives with difficulity, right? 2) On page 208, you mentioned in a apragraph that gravity has only one type of source and that is mass whereas electromagnetic field has two - positive and negative. But I think that gravity also has two sources. In your paragraph about wormwholes, you mentioned that there is one hole that takes in all matter and one that spreads out all the matter and you mentioned it as white-hole. So, I think that that's negative gravity and all the attraction or bending of space is positive. 3) You also mentioned that if you travel close to the speed of light, then you are moving into future. I agree with that and I also think that if you even walk, you are moving into future but not in years but in billionth of second. And I think this is because earth is moving at a steady rate aroung the sun, sun is moving at a stedy rate in our Milky Way and so on. So, if you move, you are adding your velocity to velocity of earth, sun and many other things. But our speed is so slow compared to the earth and the sun that we move in future just billionth of second but near the speeds of light, the difference in huge. 4)You also said that if we move at the speed of light, time stops for us but what about if we ever move at speeds greater to speed of light? I think that we would move in the past because on the page 79, you mentioned that cause comes before effect. But if we move at speeds greater to speed of light, the effect will be first because any cause, for example, firing a bullet, doesn't travel at the speed of light. So the effect will be moving greater to the speed of light and the cause will be moving at the speed less to the speed of light. So, in a way, you'll be moving into the past. 5) What if we alter our past? I think that there are billions and millions of universes, each a second or even less apart. I mean two universes is almost the same but each a second apart. So if go to our past, like 20 years, we'll be in a universe that is 20 years behind us. So if we alter the past there, our universe won't be changed but the future of the universe that is 20 years behind us will be changed. 6) My way of looking at the universe is that it is a giant ball expanding at the speed of light. What is beyond that? We could never tell because we couldn't travel at speeds greater than 'c'. But I think if you could travel greater than c, then you will be going into past. So, our universe or giant ball is surrounded by our past. We contineously are shedding our past like the snake sheds its skin. These are my veiws about your book but I don't expect any of them to be right as these were my ideas while I read the book. Moreover, i think number 5 is too controversial. But I'm interested in this field and that's why I was tempted to write you this. I would very happy if you'll reply me at and answer my questions. I'll be glad if you reply me, Sincerly, Girish Sahore


Dear Mr. Parker, My name is Allison Melton. I am a 9th grade student at South Pointe High School in Rock Hill, South Carolina. My Global Studies teacher, Mrs. Gray just recently gave us a project in which we have to write a book review on something that has happened in history. I choose to do a book that you have wriiten called Einstein: The Passions of a Scientist. It is very intresting and I enjoy learning about Einsteins life. We have to know some information about the author of our book such as education, carrer, and books written. We also have to have information about the awards the auothor has won. I was unable to find this information about you. If you do not mind it would be wonderful if you could send me and e-mail to give me further information about youself. My e-mail is Thank you very much! I appreciate your time. sincerly, Allison Melton 9th Grade SPHS Rock Hill, SC

Einstein's Dreams is pop in Chinese Edition! Date: 2005-03-29 Stone Hu 胡东业


Very funny and simple! I like you website! By the way, your book Einstein's Dreams is publishing right now and very pop! I will buy. Thanks for your work! Stone Hu From PRC


Your site is very interesting. It, also, is a good source of information about you and your books. Nice job. ~ Quinn


I like it very much!
-- Susie from Idaho