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Einstein: The Passions of a Scientist


Chapter 1: An Early Passion for Learning and Music
Chapter 2: Leaving Munich
Chapter 3: First Love
Chapter 4: Student Days and a New Love
Chapter 5: The Women in his Life
Chapter 6: Family Ties
Chapter 7: More Difficulties
Chapter 8: Gaining New Insights
Chapter 9: A Passion for Understanding Nature
Chapter 10: The Miracle Year: 1905
Chapter 11: Extending the Theory
Chapter 12: The General Theory
Chapter 13: Confirmation and a Passion for Determinacy
Chapter 14: An Obsession for Unity
Chapter 15: A Desire for World Peace

From the Reviews:

"Parker brings us a well-constructed biography that shows how the great scientist's various passions -- for music, learning, peace, women -- existed side by side with, and occassionally affected, his work. ... readers looking for a good introduction to the 20th century's leading physicist will enjoy this." Publisher's Weekly

"Parker covers a lot of territory from Einstein's early life in Germany to his death in America in 1955....readers will be left feeling as if they've been given a valuable opportunity to get to know this brilliant, complicated man. He had his flaws, but oh, what a heart and what a mind." Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinal

"At last we can learn about Albert the man, rather than Einstein, the myth." Sheldon Glashow, Nobel