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Einstein's Brainchild: Relativity Made Relatively Easy


Chapter 1: Einstein as a Youth
Chapter 2: The Michelson-Morley Experiment
Chapter 3: Special Relativity
Chapter 4: Four-dimensional Space-Time and Time Travel
Chapter 5: General Relativity
Chapter 6: Gravity and Curved Space-Time
Chapter 7: Testing the Theory
Chapter 8: Black Holes and Other Exotic Objects
Chapter 9: To the Ends of the Universe
Chapter 10: Searching for the Elusive
Chapter 11: Quantum Quandary

From the Reviews:

"An excellent book ... It captures Einstein's deep insight into the mysteries of space and time. The clarity of Parker's writing style, creative use of illustrations, and humerous cartoons makes the topics ... easy to comprehend. I highly recommend this captivating book for both the nonscientist and scientist." Robert Zimmeraman, Inst. of Theoretical Physics, University of Oregon.

"Stimulating! ... In this book Parker has achieved an enjoyable, well-thought out blend of Einstein's personal history along with his most notable scientific achievments which have revolutionized our concepts of space and time, gravity, and the structure of stars and the universe." Gordon Lind, Utah State University