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Einstein's Dream: The Search for a Unifed Theory of the Universe


Chapter 1: The Goal
Chapter 2: Warped Space-Time
Chapter 3: Early Unified Field Theories
Chapter 4: Star Death
Chapter 5: The Ultimate Abyss: The Black Hole
Chapter 6: The Early Universe
Chapter 7: Cosmological Controversy
Chapter 8: The Final Fate of the Universe
Chapter 9: The World of Particles and Fields
Chapter 10: A Unified Theory of the Universe
Chapter 11: Epilogue

From the Reviews:

"An up-to-date view of what is known of the Universe's fundamental structure -- completely non-mathematical, and beautifully written. Every page is a pleasure." Isaac Asimov

" A clearly written tour over wonderous landscape among science's most loft peaks." Gregory Benford. University of California, and author of "Timescape."