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Media Room


B.A. (honors physics) University of British Columbia
M. Sc. University of British Columbia
Ph.D. Utah State University


Twenty six books published
Has also written for the following publications:
Encyclopedia Britannica
Time-Life Books
Washington Post
Astronomy Magazine
Sky and Telescope
Flyfisherman magazine
Fishing World
and others

Teaching Career

Taught at Weber State University 1963 -67
30 years at Idaho State University (ISU) 1967 - 1997
Retired in 1997
Also taught a writing class at ISU for several years

Research Area and Scientific Publications (while at ISU)

General Relativity
Unified Field Theory
Cosmology and Black Holes
Physics of DNA and RNA
Several Research papers on the following:
Einstein's Unified Field Theory
Black Holes
Quantum Tunneling in DNA
Effects of Electric and EM Fields on DNA
Rate of Mutation formation in DNA

Memberships in Writing Associations

Authors Guild

Review copies of my latest books are available for anyone wanting to review them for or magazines or newspapers.
"Learn for Tomorrow, Live for Today, Hope for Tomorrow
"You Should Write a Book"
"Feel Great Feel Alive"
"Baby's in the Doghouse"

Press Releases