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Feel Great Feel Alive: Seven Steps to Superhealth and Fitness

This is a comprehensive book on all aspects of your health. You health (and how great you feel) does not depend on one or two things; it depends on several very important things, namely: what you eat (whether you're getting the proper nutrients), if you are overweight, how much you exercise, whether or not you are under stress, whether you get enough sleep, and your emotional life. Each of these is discussed in a chapter in the book. See the table of contents below:
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Staying Healthy
Chapter 3: Fighting Back: Vitamins and Other Nutrients
Chapter 4: The Best Foods: Superfoods
Chapter 5: The Best Diets: Losing it!
Chapter 6: Getting Fit and Firm: Exercise
Chapter 7: Reshaping Your Body: Weight Lifting
Chapter 8: Avoiding Stress:Relaxation, Meditation and
Chapter 9: Sleep:Getting Enough
Chapter 10: Emotional Health: Happiness,
Self Acceptance, and Attitude
Chapter 11: The Tests
Chapter 12: Epilogue

Praise for "Feel Great Feel Alive"

An honest and comprehensive guide to nutrition, well-being and fitness. One of the best things about this book is the comprehensive nature of it, addressing nutrition, weight control, fitness, muscle strength, stress management, sleep and emotional well-being. I believe the book lays out the principles and specifics that can lead to longevity, and to mental and physical well-being.
Ken Ryan M.D.
Portneuf Medical Center ER

A tremendously interesting book, and a delight from beginning to end. It has helped me learn a lot about health, nutrition and fitness.
Pat Reedyk
Petersborough, Ont. Canada

If you're serious about health, nutrition and fitness Barry Parker's book is a must read. Written in plain, easy-to-understand language, this book leads you through a program that is essential for anyone who is interested in maximum health, fitness, and a general wholesome all-around life style. If a long, healthy life is your goal, Parker's book is a good starting point.
Glenn Baker, retired educator
Moncks Corner. S.C.

The book is well-researched and scientifically sound. It has given me the knowledge (tools) to know and understand better, how to get and sustain a healthier life for me and my family. Highly recommended.
Sheil McGary, CEO
Denver, Colorado

Thank you, Dr.Parker, for giving us the desire to learn to lead a better life and address our health concerns when it comes to diet, exercise, sleep and stress.
Darci Brown, Admin. Asst.
Boise, Idaho

Dr. Parker has the right idea that a simple, natural diet of nutritious food, exercise, and proper sleep is the primary secret to good health and longevity.
Jay Jacobson, Engineer
Layton, Utah

What you Will Learn from the Book

1. What vitamins, minerals and other nutrients are
important in your diet.
2. Why they are important.
3. What are the 20 best "superfoods."
4. Why polyphenols. flavonoids, and carotenoids are
5. Why diets fail.
6. Why you gain weight.
7. Mistakes dieters make.
8. What are the best diets.
9. Why aerobic exercise is critical.
10. How to increase your fat burning.
11. A good aerobic program.
12. Why weight training is important.
13. Why HIT (high intensity training) has attracted
so much attention.
14. Why HIT is effective.
15. How to avoid stress.
16. Why stress is dangerous.
17. The effect of stress on the heart.
18. The effect of stress on the brain.
19. Some of the best de-stressors: meditation,
relaxation and music.
20. Why sleep is important.
21. What happens when we sleep.
22. What are the meaning of our dreams.
23. Healthy sleep and how to get it.
24. What it means to be "happy."
25. Ten tests that give a good indication of how
healthy you are.

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