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Invisible Matter and the Fate of the Universe

1. Introduction
2. The Expanding Universe
3. The Missing Mass Mystery Unfolds
4. Dark Matter in Galaxies
5. Dark Matter in the Universe
6. Will the Candidates Please Stand
7. Black Holes
8. Neutrinos with Mass
9. Magnetic Monopoles and Other Exotic Particles
10.Galaxy Formation and Dark Matter
11.Gravitational Lenses and Dark Matter
12.A Consensus: To Be or Not to Be
13.Fate of the Open Universe
14.Fate of the Closed Universe
15.The Future of Civilization and Life

At last an up-to-date, clear, and entertaining account of current work in cosmology. Parker is to be congratulated for writing for the general reader, not talking down to his audience, and telling the lively story of what we know, what we don't know,and why we are asking questions.
Jeremiah Ostriker, Prof. Princeton University