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My Newsletter

I am in the process of getting my newsletter set up. You can sign up for it by typing your email address in the slot to the left. My latest book is on writing, publishing, and selling books, and my newsletter will be mainly on these topics, but I will be glad to answer any questions here that you might have (send them to me email or via the "discussion page"), and I will also be glad to write on any topic suggested by anyone related to my areas of interest (health and fitness, science, music, Bond movies). You can also find articles on these topics in my blogs (see home page).
So the main topics of my newsletter will be
1) The ABC's of writing.
2) Self-publishing your book.
3) Numerous articles on the best ways to sell your book.

Below is a brief article I wrote for the Bond webpage. It might be of interest to you.

The new Bond. Sorry for the poor resolution. I'll try to get something better later.
Bond (Connery) under the laser
Bond(Brosnan)and Wai Lin on motorbike
Roger Moore as James Bond
James Bond (Sean Connery) in front of his Aston Martin DB5.
Pierce Brosnan as James Bond