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Quantum Legacy: The Discovery That Changed Our Universe


Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Early Ideas
Chapter 3: The Lucky Guess
Chapter 4: The Bohr Atom
Chapter 5: Heisenberg's Arrays
Chapter 6: Schrodinger's Wave Equation
Chapter 7: What Did It All Mean?
Chapter 8: Uncertainty
Chapter 9: Einstein's Objections and Quantum Weirdness
Chapter 10: Extending The Theory
Chapter 11: Modern Developments:Lasers and Masers
Chapter 12: Transistors and Superconductors
Chapter 13: The Nuclear Age
Chapter 14: The Computer Revolution

From the Reviews:

"In this remarkably concise and clear book, Parker sets out the whole story of the development of quantum theory, starting with Planck's epoch-making discovery of the "quantum" in 1900... you could do no better than read this well-written and accessible account." New Scientist

""Quantum Legacy" provides a lively history of quantum physics and those scientists who have made leaps to describe our world, covering all the major players in the world of physics and detailing their findings and reflections on science and nature. Parker's ability to take the most complex notion and simplify it for the general-interest audience makes for an exceptionally accessible read." The Midwest Book Review

"The most important events in the development of quantum mechanics are presented as if they were an adventure into a new world or a detective story ... Parker's writing is engaging." David Hobill, Dept of Physics and Astronomy, University of Calgary