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Search for a Supertheory: From atoms to Superstrings

1. Introduction
2. Probing the Atom
3. Particle Accelerators
4. Organizing the Particle Zoo
5. Overcoming Infinity
6. Building a Universe
7. Gauging the Universe
8. Adding color
9. Adding Charm
10.Searching for the W
12.Looking Deeper
14.Adding More Dimensions
15.Superstrings: tying it All Together
16.Cosmic Strings and Inflation

An exciting account of the search for a unified description of all the forces and all the elementary particles of nature.
Murray Gell-Mann, Noble Laureate

It's an exhilarating, up to the minute view of the holy grail of modern physics -- an unified description of everything. A must read.
Gregory Benford, author of "Time Scape"

A fascinating and accurate exposition of the discoveries that led to the modern theory of elementary particles.
Leonard Susskind, Prof. of Physics, Stanford