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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: The Open Road: Basic Physics of Driving
Chapter 3: All Revved Up: The Internal Combustion
Chapter 4: When sparks Fly: The Electrical System
Chapter 5: "Give 'em a Brake": Slowing Down
Chapter 6: Springs and Gears: The Suspension and
the Transmission
Chapter 7: What a Drag: Aerodynamic Design
Chapter 8: A Crash Course: The Physics of Collisions
Chapter 9: Checkered Flags: The Physics of Auto
Chapter 10: Rush Hour: Traffic and Chaos
Chapter 11: The Road Ahead: Cars of the Future
Chapter 12: Epilogue: The Final Flag

From the Reviews:

"Parker writes with authority and humor about the expensive machines none of us can survive without for long. Paul Nahin, author of "An Imaginary Tale"

"At last a book that goes beyond the usual basics and right into the heart of the matter. Barry Parker lucidly covers an impressive range of topics related to cars and driving, from engines and aerodynamics to traffic jams and futuristic trends. This book will surely find a wide audience. Alain Hache, author of the "Physics of Hockey."

" A wonderful overview of all the things that have to happen to get you there and back again safely. From the intricacies of the internal combustion engine to the dangers of head to head collisions, Barry Parker provides a great resource for automobile fans who want to understand science and for science buffs who want to know how their car works. Alan Tribble, author of "Tribble's Guide to Space"