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The Vindication of the Big Bang: Breakthroughs and Barriers

1. Introduction
2. Discovery of the Expansion of the Universe
3. Formation of the Big Bang Model
4. Overview of the Big Bang and Expanding Universe
5. Successes of the Big Bang Model
6. Discovery of the Cosmic Background
8. Difficulties of the Big Bang Model
9. Bubbles, Voids, and Walls
10.Explaining the Large-Scale Structure
11.Overcoming Some of the Problems
12.The Troublesome Singularity
13.The Redshift Controversy
14.A Consensus of Opinions
15.If Not the Big Bang--What?
16.Plasma Cosmology

A comprehensive and highly readable account of the successful search for a compelling answer to the riddle of cosmic creation.
Arno Penzias, Noble Laureate

An engaging book, clearly and understandably written and to be enjoyed by anyone interested in the origin and fate of the universe
Gordon Lind, Dept. of Physics, Utah State University