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Writing Well, Health and Fitness, Science

Welcome to my site. I'm glad you took the time to stop by. I've had twenty-five books published in the last few years. Most are popular science, which is perhaps natural, as I was a professor of physics and astronomy at Idaho State University for thirty years. I'm now a professor emeritus, which is a fancy name for someone who is retired, but is trying to stay active, or at least, involved. My books are, for the most part, non-fiction, and most are for adults, although I have written a few for children, and am planning to do more. Articles in various areas are listed below and my Blogs are listed to the left. I hope you visit some of them.

Also, see my latest books. My most recent one is an inspirational book titled "Learn from Yesterday, Live for Today, Hope for Tomorrow. The emphasis throughout the book is "live for Today" and don't worry needlessly about the future, or about mistakes you have made in the past. Look forward to each new day; let each day be a new adventure. Some of the topics covered are:
* How to enjoy life more
* How to raise your happines "set point"
* How to develop the habit of thinking positive thoughts
* How to develop that "Winning Feeling"
* How goals can change your life
* Why laughter is good for you
* How to stay young
The cover is shown below.

I have also recently completed a book on music titled
Good Vibrations: The Physics of Music
. It's an excellent overview of the science behind music, but it's actually much more. The basics of sound, the building blocks of music, musical instruments and new technologies are all discussed in detail. My second book on writing was also published recently; it is titled Write a Book that will Sell and it is a companion to my earlier writing book You Should Write a Book which gives you all kinds of information on how to write it with style and clarity, how to self-publish (if that's what you want) and how to sell thousands of copies. It is based on a writing class I taught at ISU for several years. And don't forget to sign up for my newsletter on writing and selling your book (click on Newletter above

"The Physics of War" my latest book.

This is another of my latest books, and it actually is my latest. Furthermore, it's on a subject I haven't wrote about before, but one I've always been interested in. Although it concentrates on the physics and science of war, it's also a good history of war almost since the beginning of civilization. It starts with some of the great chariot wars of the earliest times and ends with the latest weapons, including the atomic and hydrogen bombs and everything that has come since them. It should give you a good idea of how much war has changed, and how prevalent it has been throughout history. We would all like to stop war, or somehow control it, and a good place to start is to understand it and this book should help in this respect. But I'll have to admit that I have no idea what is the best way to avoid war. And there is no doubt that it has become more impersonal and deadly with the new weapons that have been produced as a result of physics and other sciences. Anyway, I hope you're curious enough to read it.

Articles and Resources

Writing, Self-Publishing, and Selling Books

Praise for "You Should Write a Book"

"I can't think of any other manual of the do's and don'ts of good writing that also takes the aspiring writer through the process of editing, setting up the computer for self-publishing, book design, printing, establishing a website and selling the book. An excellent guide." Barbara Lambert

"If you plan to write a book, start by reading this one." Stacie V Author

My new book titled "You Should Write a Book: Writing it With Style and Clarity, Publishing Beautiful Pages, Selling Thousands of Copies" is now out.A summary of its contents is given below.

PART I: Writing it with Style and Clarity
Getting Started
Writing the Way you Talk
Making it Personal
Making it Memorable
Making it Sparkle
The Three C's: Clutter, Clarity, and Continuity
Unity, Coherence, and Originality
Developing Voice and Style

PART II: Self-Publishing Beautiful Pages
Becoming a Publisher
Computer Programs for Self-Publishing
Title, Cover, Front and Back Material
Printing Your Book

PART III: Selling Thousands of Copies
The First Step: Establishing a Website
Optimizing your Website
Blogs, Press Releases Social Media, and RSS
Sending Out Emails
Making Your Book a Local Best-Seller
Other Methods

My Latest Book

Live for Today. You can order the book by using the button below

Table of Contents:

Learn from Yesterday, Live for Today, Hope for Tomorrow
Don't Let Life Just Pass: Enjoy it
You Have to Have Something to Look Forward to
Happiness Doesn't Just Happen: It requires Love
The Key to a Happier Life: Positive Thoughts
The Power of Enthusiasm: It can Make a Real Difference
Wake Up in the Morning "Raring" to Go
Seven Things You Can Do that Will Make You a Better Person
What is Happiness?
How to Raise Your Happiness "Set Point"
How to Develop the Happiness Habit
Enjoy the Good Times
We All Need "A Little Inspiration"
Success is Going From Failure to Failure Without Loss of Enthusiasm
Five Steps to That "Winning Feeling"
Have Goals But Live Day by Day
Goals Can Change Your Life
You Can Stay Young
How to Have a Relaxed Lifestyle
Persistence Can Work Miracles
Five Basic Rules for Better Sleep
Why You MUST Overcome Stress
Fifteen Things That Can Help You Overcome Stress
Rundown, Chronically Tired, Listless: You May Have Adrenal Fatigue
What Everyone Needs for a Better Life: A Calm and Peaceful Mind
Why Laughter is So Good For You
The "Feel Good" Connection: Serotonin
Affirmations: A Variation That Can Improve Your success
Super Motivation: The Quickest Way to Success
Self-Acceptance and Self Confidence: Two Traits You Need and How to Get Them
Improving Your Self-Image: How and Why it is Important

Ordering the book
Price: $10.95 Use button

Health and Fitness

My recent book "Feel Great Feel Alive: Seven Steps to Superhealth and Fitness" can be obtained by clicking on the title in the right column and going down to the "buy" button.

Music and the Piano

Inspirational Articles

I'll have several inspirational articles in this section but to access them you'll have to go to the right hand column under "Inspirational Articles" and click on the one that is of interest to you.
A list of them is given below:

"What is Happiness?"
"How to Raise your Happiness "Set Point""

Einstein and Relativity Theory

Physics and Cars

A Lamborghini (149 KB)

James Bond and the Bond Movies

Bond (Brosnan) (136 KB)